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XanthiFreerideArea Trail Map

Here’s a rough outline of the trails in the area! More detailed info on each trail will be posted soon.



A very old vid from Xanthi Freeride Area, filmed at the epic Isea Trail… Fun times! 🙂

drop-4.jpg drop-1.jpg drop-5.jpg

p9271025.JPG p9271026.JPG p9271027.JPG p9271030.JPG p9271034.JPG p9271028.JPG

p9101012.JPG p9101018.JPG p9251019.JPG p9251020.JPG p9251021.JPG 

This is a typical example of trailbuilding stuff in Xanthi…the “xok” crew or “xafnikh omada kataskeywn” (sudden construction crew) on their first attemp.. btw this small booter still exists, meaning that the construction was very robust!! 😉