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Kitrini Trail map. (more info comin’)


This is anothert image created with Google Earth. Shows the Petrini Trail. (more info comin’ soon).

This is an image created with Google Earth and shows in detail the line of our new trail “Aspri”. Download the .jpeg file and zoom in to see the details. 🙂

(a brief description of the trail and some GPS co-ordinates of the starting point or the parking place will be added soon).


A new trail marked on the map as No 8 – “Aspri Brysi (project)” is under construction..

It looks very promising so far as it features 2 Road Gaps, lots of high speed sections and a “berm garden”!

The altitude difference is about 300 metres and the length is around 1750 metres ( its not complete yet it could be more :)) .. a really anticipated trail!!

before.jpg after.jpg berm-construction.jpg de-rooting.jpg working-hard.jpg trail1.jpg trail2.jpg trail3.jpg