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Paggaio MTB 2014


Enduromediterraneo Rn#1 2014, Xanthi

Trail Profiles

PS1 – (XC trail):
Max elevation 564m. – min elevation 332m.
Ascent: 13m. – Descent: 237m.
Grade: -8,1%
Distance: 2,8km

PS2 – (Kitrini trail):
Max elevation 559m. – min elevation 426m.
Ascent: 3m. – Descent: 134m.
Grade: -8%
Distance: 1,7km

PS3 – (Secret trail):
Max elevation 441m. – min elevation 162m.
Ascent: 0m. – Descent: 276m.
Grade: -21,6%
Distance: 1,3km

PS4 – (Samakov 2 trail):
Max elevation 298m. – min elevation 81m.
Ascent: 51m. – Descent: 256m.
Grade: -10,4%
Distance: 2,0km


Enduromediterraneo Rn#1 Xanthi

enduromediterraneo Rnd#1 Xanthi race profile

Xanthi MTB Park is now listed on the World Bike Parks site.

You can find the link here: http://www.worldbikeparks.com/xanthi-mtb-park

A big thank you to the worldbikeparks.com Team for the add!

worldbikeparks map